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Bụi Phấn Lee Kirby phần lời tiếng Anh

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Bụi Phấn Lee KirbyBụi Phấn is a very popular song in Viet Nam and this is my version. I wanted to share my version of Bụi Phấn with everyone after I found out that it was sung regularly by Vietnamese students. I then decided to translate Bụi Phấn into English for Teacher's day in Viet Nam (20th November). Please find my English lyrics below.I hope you enjoy this version of Bụi Phấn.For more information about Lee Kirby please visit - PHANVietnamese version composed and performed by Le Van Loc - Vu Hoang English lyrics written by Lee Kirby and performed with Mr. Trần Đức Cảnh (who plays the guitar with me) Vietnamese Lyrics :Khi thầy viết bảng , bụi phấn rơi rơi Có hạt bụi nào rơi trên bục giảng Có hạt bụi nào vương trên tóc thầy Em yêu phút giây này Thầy em tóc như bạc thêm Bạc thêm vì bụi phấn Cho em bài học hay Mai sau lớn lên người Làm sao có thể nào quên Ngày xưa thầy dạy dỗ Khi em tuổi còn thơ ... English Lyrics for Bui Phan:I love the way you changed my lifeYou opened up my heart and mindYou encouraged me to follow my dream (can be dreams if you like)I loved all those days,when you showed me the way,to trust in myselfand learn well each dayHow could I forget,the time that we shared?You helped me grow upto an adult insteadThanks for all of your support.Lee Kirby

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Author: Lee Kirby
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